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Sperm donor anonymity overturned by B.C. court
CBC News
May 19, 2011

Communautés autochtones - Des familles saignées de leurs enfants
Caroline Montpetit, Le Devoir
March 29, 2011

Where Did I Come From? Some Stolen Children Don't Want To Know.
Robert Krulwich, NPR
March 9, 2011


Calls to exhume Duplessis Orphans' bodies
Tracey Madigan, Online News Journalist, CBC Montreal
June 18, 2004


Children's Aid Society to run Chinese Adoptions
Leslie Papp and Jim Rankin, The Toronto Star
January 13, 2002

New Argentine Magnate is accused of adopting children taken from 'disappeared' mothers

Isabel Vincent, The National Post
December 19, 2002

New rights for singles, same-sex couples in Nfld. adoption laws
CBC News Online Staff, CBC.CA
April 11, 2002

Protecting children, destroying families
Sarah Karp, Kimiyo Naka and Micah Holmquist, The Chicago Reporter
February 2002


Doreen Arcus Ph.D., The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology
2nd ed. Gale Group, 2001

Adoptees fight for full information on birth families : Province lobbied to redraft legislation
Jodie Sinnema, The Edmonton Journal
July 8, 2001

Adoption internationale : L'UNICEF brosse un portrait inquiétant
Louise Leduc, La Presse
14 mai 2001

British Govt Warns ISPs Over Illegal Adoption Ads
Sylvia Dennis, Newsbytes News Network
January 23, 2001

Celebrity Adoptions
Jill Smolowe,

Czech adoptees for their lost pasts
Brian Whitmore, The Globe and Mail
June 23, 2001

Court lets birth parents try to access adoption records
Joel Stashenko, Associated Press
January 5, 2001

Gay adoption breaks new ground
Margaret Philp, The Globe and Mail
July 9, 2001

Prêtes à tout pour briser la loi du silence
Diane Tremblay, Le Journal de Québec
3 juin 2001

Searching for mom
David Rodenhiser, The Daily News
May 13, 2001


Author Makes Case that Adoptee Birth Records Shouldn’t be Kept Secret
Susan Gilmore, Seattle Times
September 4, 2000

Database Boost for Ex-Child Migrants
August 17, 2000

A Yearning to Know
François Shalom, The Gazette
March 4, 2000

Home Children Meet to Remember
Lois Legge, Halifax Herald
August 18, 2000

Matt Ridley on the New World of Medecine
The Globe & Mail
March 11, 2000

Mommy, where did I come from?
Margaret Wente, The Globe & Mail
August 10, 2000

O'Connor rejects last appeal to block Oregon adoption law
Janie Har and Bill Graves, The Oregonian
May 30, 2000

Ontario Acts Against Illicit Baby Trade
Colin Grey, The Ottawa Citizen
22 August, 2000

Stolen Nation
Tom Lyons, eye Weekly
January 13, 2000

The Waiting List From Hell
Philip Burge, The Globe & Mail
March 21, 2000


Adoption Reform… Nova Scotia still lags far behind
Ron Murdock, Halifax Herald
June 6, 1999

Duplessis Orphans Get Full Apology and $1,000
Campbell Clark, National Post [with Files from the Canadian Press]
March 15, 1999

Orphans Who Weren’t Recall Care That Wasn't
Anthony DePalma, New York Times
March 5, 1999

Proposed law would allow adoption of human embryos
Paul McKeague, The Ottawa Citizen
May 1999


A child needs parents, of any race
Ivor Gaber, New Statesman
Sept 4, 1998

Adopting a family: court decisions and perseverance opened the doors more than ever in 1997 for gays looking to be parents.
Dan Woog, The Advocate

Baby-snatching secrets of Dirty War resurface
Stephen Brown, The Globe and Mail
July 17, 1998

Britain To Fund Child Migrant Reunions, No Apology.
Michael Perry, Reuters
December 15, 1998

CBC Ottawa Broadcast - Ontario Today
Host Dave Stephens with guest Heather Evans on Adoption Laws
July 9, 1998

FYI: An Adoptee’s Advice to Prospective Adoptive Parents
Abigail Lovett
May 1998

Ontario Adoption Reform History
Sandi Jowett

Personal Saga Behind MPP’s Bill on Adopted Children
Ian Urquart, Provincial affairs columnist, The Toronto Star
December 8, 1998

Quebec to Give Duplessis Orphans a Public Apology
Campbell Clark, National Post
December 28, 1998


Kinship: Ties That Bind
Carol Biddle, Sharon Kaplan Roszia, Deborah Silverstein

Lifelong Issues in Adoption
Deborah N. Silverstein and Sharon Kaplan

Survivors of dark episode in Canada's history trace their past
Susan K. Livio, Statehouse Bureau
November 8, 1997


Claiming Our Birthright
Jackie Schmidt, The Bioethics Bulletins



Pat Johnston, Indiana, USA



Sealed Records are Inexcusable
Vincenette Scheppler, M.S.W., New York State Commission on Child Welfare